PS4BlogCast Episode 220

It’s the Inside spoilercast episode this week. Well not entirely, we do spend the first 39 minutes going over the small bits of news there was, though I did forget to put the secret word before the spoiler segment. To give you a hint it’s something that Isli is looking for during the podcast while he plays No Man’s Sky, so you’ll hear him complain about something and that’s the secret word.

RimWorld has continued to take over most of my game time and I keep trying to get away so I can put a nice big chunk into Deus Ex. I’m still just doing side stuff in the hub area so I’m not that far at all. Hopefully I’ll get more in by the next podcast that way I can give some better impressions on the game.

What about you? Playing Deus Ex? Did you agree with any of our thoughts on the world of Inside? If you had a different theory sound off in the comments below!


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[Review Revisited] Broken Age

Broken-Age-Header-Image-F copy

Two People in two completely different worlds, yet their paths are remarkably similar. Join them on this journey of discovery of their worlds and discover the Broken Age. Are you ready to read our Broken Age Review?

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[PS4] Adam’s Venture: Origins

Adam's Venture: Origins Review

Adam’s Venture: Origins is a port of the original PlayStation 3 episodic series, which is now the full and complete package for the PlayStation 4 thanks to SOEDESCO. The story is good, the puzzles are diverse, and the graphics have been improved, making this the definitive version of the game. Come read our Adam’s Venture: Origins review to learn more about this game!

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100ft Robot Golf Gets Ready To Launch On October

100ft Robot Golf

No Goblin is taking aim to release 100ft Robot Golf on Playtation 4 later in the year, and they’ve now narrowed down the exact release date for the game: October 24! We’ve been looking forward to playing this game from the moment it was announced, and now we now that we’re only a couple of months away from finally enjoying this PS4 robot golfing game.

The team at No Goblin has decided to share some info on a new robot that has a very particular characteristic that makes it completely different from the rest of the golfing robots.

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