Welcome to the new PS3blog.net !

Hello everyone! As Tosh mentioned at his last post, Ceidz and I are now the new owners for PS3blog.net! What does this mean for our readers? Well, you don’t have to worry about anything because, for you, this transition will be as smooth as possible. We’ll be hard at work to make improvements to the site here and there, and we just started by moving it to a higher capacity and faster server.

We’re thrilled about this new opportunity, and you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to keep the site going for many years.

Ceidz also has something to say.

Hello everyone! As EdEN has said, we’re definitely very happy about this new adventure, and we’ll be working over the next weeks and months to bring you more content and a great site. As you can see now, the login issue has been solved, and you all can get back to being as active at the site as always.

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I’m stepping down as caregiver of PS3Blog.net

Ceidz & EdEN are taking over as the owners of the site now. It’s been a good run & I’ve learned a lot in the time I have managed the site. Thank you all for being patient with me.

But now I have no interest in video games, movies, tv shows, netflix, etc. Haven’t had a tv setup in my house for over a year now. I’ve honestly never been more at peace & happy in my life. Now I can concentrate fully on my priorities in life. Such as finishing my Kundalini Yoga teacher training & moving out of the city to a mini farm of sorts to be close to nature & grow my own food. To name a few.

I truly hope this community keeps going, it’s a great group of people.


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PS3BlogCast Episode 127

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. Tune in this episode to catch me and Isli discuss this week in news. There wasn’t a lot out there, but we still manage to find a few things to talk about.

I’m looking forward to Oddworld: New’n'Tasty coming out this Tuesday. I’m a big fan of the first two games in that series, so I hope this one does well enough to allow them to redo the second game as well.

The Destiny Beta is of course running over the next few days, in two phases. How many of you will be playing that? I have a few extra codes, not that they’re hard to come by, for the PS4 version and just one for PS3. If you don’t have a code, feel free to message me and I’ll pass one along!


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[PS3 Review] Battle Princess of Arcadias

Battle Princess of Arcadias Header - D

The kingdom of Schwert was once peaceful and beautiful, but it is now overrun by monsters. As the Battle Princess Plume, it’s up to you to set things right in this colorful, high-speed action RPG! Recruit a group of warriors and engage in skirmishes against the enemy before taking on huge and powerful bosses in epic siege battles!

Delight in an extensive upgrade system as you stomp the enemy into the ground throughout each level, and collect weapons and materials that you can use to enhance your gear. You’ll be able to unlock new skills based on your weapon and its level, and with enough time and effort, you can even transform your gear into new, more powerful weapons! Fight your way through each area, gaining new characters and abilities, gathering heaps of treasure, and upgrading your weapons and gear, all on your way to victory!

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