[Giveaway] SteamWorld Dig


As you know, I reviewed SteamWorld Dig on PS Vita, a very addictive and fun release that will keep you glued from start to finish. Image & Form has kindly provided us with 3 US and 3 EU codes for SteamWorld Dig so that some of you can enjoy this excellent game! Please mention in the comments which version you’d like to win, and remember that the game is Cross-Buy, so if you win you’ll get the PS4 AND the Vita version.

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[PS3/Vita HD Remaster Review] Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

FINAL FANTASY X is back—in HD! First released for the PlayStation®2 system in 2001, and widely acclaimed for its moving story and spectacular graphics, FINAL FANTASY X has now returned in HD for the PlayStation®Vita system. Characters, monsters, and environments have been fine-tuned in HD detail, providing a richer, deeper FINAL FANTASY visual experience. Other new features in the HD version include remastered/rearranged BGM, International Edition content, trophies, and Cross-Save functionality.

One of the most anticipated titles of this year, Final Fantasy X HD Remaster was finally released a few weeks ago. I picked it up on PS Vita, and have been playing it ever since then!

Final Fantasy X (PS2) holds a special place in my heart: I played it way too much when I was unemployed back in 2002, and I completely conquered that game in around 160 hours!

Is the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster worth your time and money? When compared to other HD re-releases, how does the game rank so many years after its original release? Long story short, this game is the best HD remaster I’ve played, and this 13-years old game might even the best RPG available in the PS Vita library!

Yea, I love Final Fantasy X THAT much !!!!!

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PS+ Update for April 15th and a Lego-riffic Sale


This week we see the addition of a Genesis Remake, and some sales on the Lego games.
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PS3BlogCast Episode 119

We’re back again and on schedule, even though the news is a little light despite PAX East currently going on. Tune in this episode to hear MissXya make her return after a long break from the podcast. Isli joins in as well, though he shows up a little late to the party.

Final Fantasy 14 for the PS4 releases next week, though early access is available this weekend for anyone upgrading from the PS3 to the PS4 version. I can’t wait to get back into that game, since I’ve been busy with everything else that has been coming out lately. Granted I’m sure I’ll be pulled away when the next major release hits.

Have you seen anything shown or announced at PAX that you’re excited about? Let us know in the comments below!


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