Get your Bruce Lee On

UFC Sports  Bruce Lee

EA Sports has let us know that starting today and up until January 5, players will be able to download for free on EA Sports UFC. This means that gamers will be able to get all versions of Bruce Lee available for the game, which include the following:

Bruce Lee – Bantamweight Division
Bruce Lee – Featherweight Division
Bruce Lee – Lightweight Division
Bruce Lee – Welterweight Division
Bruce Lee – Weightclass Bundle (all four divisions)

Hurry up because time is running out on this offer!

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[JRPG Review Revisited] Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch


This week, I wanted to present to you my review of the awesome and gorgeous Ni No Kuni. This game released early in 2013 and was almost instantly branded as a classic.

Read the original review here: [PS3 JRPG Review] Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Your quest in Ni No Kuni revolves around fixing people’s hearts, broken by the evil witch. There are also a ton of side-quests in which you must either kill enemies, alchemize items or recruit monsters in your party. Each monster in the game can be recruited to your team a-la-Pokémon. It took me around 45 hours to complete the game, and double that to Platinum it!

Ni No Kuni is a game that I remembers for its excellent soundtrack, gorgeous and huge world, and colorful characters. The only major issue I had with this game is how bad the allies’ AI were, and if you play this game, you’ll understand what I mean!

Even with the mentioned AI issue, I still definitively recommend this turn-based RPG to every RPG fan! As a side note, I suggested this game to at least four of my friends, and they all loved it.


Interested in Ni no Kuni? If so, why not support us and buy it from our Amazon Store?

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PS3BlogCast Episode 143

Welcome to another episode of the podcast where this week we talk a lot about the FFXIV FanFest in Japan, as well as our thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Unity.

There are currently a lot of games discounted on the PSN, as part of the holiday sale, so make sure you check those out and take advantage of them before they expire!


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[PS Vita Review] SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit!

SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit Header Image - D

XSEED games is back with a new SENRAN KAGURA elease, opting for something very different this time around from the hack-and-slash nature of this series. Are you ready for a tasty challenge?

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