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Lili: Child of Geos Out Now On PlayStation 4

June 23, 2017 |

Lili: Child of Geos is now available on PlayStation 4. This great looking Unreal 4 developed release places you in the shoes of Lili as you try to solve the mystery of Geos Island. Check the game’s trailer below as well as some new info and screens!

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Extended Gameplay Video

June 22, 2017 |

Ready for an extended look at the gameplay for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy? Check out the video below for an expanded look at the E3 2017 demo for this highly anticipated release.

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Superhot Coming To PS4 and PS VR Soon!

June 21, 2017 |

Superhot is making its way to PlayStation 4 and PS VR as, you guessed it, Superhot and Superhot VR! Check out the trailer below and get ready for its July release!

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Ace Of Seafood Coming To PS4 This Summer

June 20, 2017 | | One Comment

Ace of Seafood from developer Nussoft and publisher PLAYISM is making its way to the PlayStation 4 this summer. The best way to describe the game is as a 3D seafood action shooter. Yes, you read that right. A 3D seafood action shooter. Check out the game’s trailer below as well as some new info on this quirky release!

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PS4BlogCast Episode 252

June 20, 2017 |

It’s time to recap E3 as a whole in this episode, with each of us listing our ten favorite things. Do you agree with any of them? Is there something that you were particularly excited to see or that you were disappointed about? Let us know in the comments below!


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[PS4] Dreamfall Chapters Review

June 19, 2017 |

Dreamfall Chapters from Red Thread Games and Deep Silver is now available on PlayStation 4. This is an adventure game that was funded on Kickstarter thanks to the support of over 20,000 backers who pledged more than $1.5 million to make it happen. It was first made available as an episodic release, but now PS4 owners get to enjoy the complete story in a single package. Is it a game you have to play on Sony’s console? Read our Dreamfall Chapters review to find out!

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