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Xbox 2 in HD

We all thought this was coming. We all hoped this was coming. We all crossed our fingers and pleaded to the powers that be (ie, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) to please please please make it happen. But finally we’re starting to get a little confirmation of what we were all hoping for.

Yup, the next Xbox will support high definition. Details were revealed at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) and are documented at the website. You can read the keynote transcript, or details about the box, or both! The great thing is that HD will be a MINIMUM, according to this article at gamespy. Every developer must support at least 1280×720 resolution. This is great news for us HDTV owners.

And what’s Sony’s stance on HD and the PS3? We’ll have to see…

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X Next Name

In an effort to appear like they’re not one step behind Sony, Microsoft is not going to be naming their next-gen, hi-def supporting, Xbox the “Xbox 2”. “Xbox Next” is too much of a tongue twister and “Xbox Xenon” I think was just a code name. So how about “Xbox 360”? The Xbox that’ll spin your head around. That’s some double-take! In this article, SPOnG speculates that the name is going to be just that.

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