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Next-Gen Console Summary has an article that summarizes what is known and conjectured about the next generation gaming consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Link: – Sorting Fact From Fiction In The Next-Gen Race

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Two Versions of Xbox 2?

There have long been rumors that Microsoft will sell two different versions of the Xbox 2, suggesting that one will have a hard drive that the other doesn’t. Now some of the speculation has reached even further:

The basic edition will not have backwards compatibility while the advanced version will. The premium version with the hard drive will have WebTV functionality built-in, including web, e-mail, IM, and streaming audio and video.

More in the article linked below.


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IGB Boasts of First Xbox 2 Glimpse

According to IGN, they’re getting a sneak peek of the Xbox 2 in Japan on May 13th. Their event will last for quite a bit longer than the 1/2 hour MTV show, so they’re hoping for some good info.

Link: IGN – Xbox 2 Preview

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Xbox 2 = Xbox 360? PLEASE confirm!

Well, it official non-official confirmation. I guess. Ah, just read the link.

Link: Digital Media Experience

Oh, and you might be wondering about all this Xbox 2 news recently. Well, it’s HD, and it’s console gaming, and it’s interesting. ‘Nuff said.

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