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Sony PS3 – Also Before E3, AND Before Microsoft


In one of those moves that says “yeah, like THAT’S coincidence”, Sony announced that it’s pre-E3 showing of the PS3 will happen at 15:00PST on 16may05 at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City. This is a mere 3 hours before Microsoft is having its big event.

So we finally know when Sony and Microsoft will be strutting their respective stuffs. Of course, I hope they give a lot of details about any HD functionality these boxes will have. In particular, I’d like to know if developers are required to include HD support, and what kind of connectors they’ll use to transmit HD content.

Now that both Sony and Microsoft have shown their hands, do you think Microsoft might change the timing of their event?

Link: – PlayStation 3 to emerge ahead of Xbox 2 at E3

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Briefly – PS3, Xbox 2

Sony was to have a preview event for the PS3 sometime in March. Well, Sony kind of changed their minds, so no such event was held. Some are predicting doom and gloom, but I don’t think it’s such a big deal.

Link: gamespy PS2 – PlayStation 3 Preview Cancelled

In Xbox 2 news (or should I start calling it the “Xbox 360” already?), it seems like Microsoft is pushing for the system to do better than the original Xbox in Japan. With unit sales of the original Xbox in Japan being so low it’s hardly worth the bother, there is lots of room for Microsoft to improve. Yoshiki Okamoto says that other major Japanese studios besides his own have signed up to do Xbox 2 games. (Game Republic being his studio.) But Mr. Okamoto didn’t drop any names, so we’ll have to wait.

Link: – Okamoto Hints at More

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Xbox 2: Before E3

CNN Money says that Microsoft will be announcing the next Xbox (probably to be called the Xbox 360) several days before E3. Everyone is clamoring for details of the next Xbox, and all will be revealed soon.

Price and launch date are still unknown, and I assume these details will be made known at the pre-E3 event.

Link: CNN Money – Sneak Peek : New Xbox, New Lara Croft

More Xbox 2 info:

Link: gamespy xbox – We Got Next – Part One
Link: gamespy xbox – We Got Next – Part Two
Link: gamespy xbox – We Got Next – Part Three

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Bill Gates on the Future and Xbox

This may not exactly be late-breaking news, but I missed this the first time around so I thought I’d put up a link just in case you did too. Bill Gates gave an interview to about the future of all sorts of exciting things happening at Microsoft, and he mentions a couple interesting things, including that the next Xbox will have HD support. He doesn’t go so far as to say HD will be a minimum, but we’ve seen that elsewhere.

He also talks about music, Apple, and more. Instant messaging will be a big part of the Xbox 2. The Xbox 2 will be a full entertainment center.


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