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Xbox 360 to Retail for About $300

Xbox 360In an interview with, J Allard said that the Xbox 360 will cost “in the neighborhood” of $300, the inital price of the Xbox. This is great news, because with all the advanced technology in the Xbox 360, it could easily have gone for more. The next question becomes: will Microsoft lose money on the sale of each Xbox 360, like they did on the original Xbox?

Oh, and that comment that the Xbox 360 will be played by a billion people? It was “intended to be an inspirational comment for the industry”. And “But if you say, ‘We’re going to get a billion people to go play games,’ that’s a big dream. And so, it’s more a challenge to the industry to say, ‘Hey, we’re all going to appeal to the core [gamers] , but let’s all do our part to take it to the next level.’ ”

Link: TheStreet.comXbox Chief Talks Up Games Mass Appeal

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Factor 5 Switches to PS3, Tom’s Hardware

PS3I know this is old news, but I haven’t mentioned it before. Factor 5, the developer of Star Wars games for Nintendo machines, will be exclusively developing for the HDTV-capable PS3 for the next generation of consoles.

Factor 5 has already played with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, but said the PlayStation 3′s 3.2GHz Cell chip offered more processing power over the other hardware options. The added power, allowing for a more realistic gaming experience, fueled the company’s decision. Factor 5 made no comment on Nintendo’s Revolution in the story.

Regardless of the company’s personal preference, however, they say the next-generation should offer much to gamers and developers. “I was shocked by how powerful the new consoles are,” said Factor 6 president Julian Eggebrecht to “They should really free our development.”

Link: Computer Gaming WorldFactor 5′s PS3 Exclusivity
Link: News.ComIn Console Smackdown, Games are Next Punch

And in other news, Tom’s Hardware takes a very brief look at the PS3. Hopefully there’ll be more to come.

Link: Tom’s HardwareThe Playstation 3: A First Look

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More PS3 Details

PS3In an interview with Impress PC Watch, Ken Kutaragi, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment, says that the HDTV-capable PS3 is an entertainment center.

“Users will be able to store their content in an online storage server called the ‘Cell Storage.’ And the Cell processor, when it’s not being used, can refine the content’s quality. We call it the ‘aging’ process. For example, users can ‘age’ their Standard Definition (SD) video and up-convert it to High Definition (HD) video. We have many plans [for the PS3], but this ‘Cell Storage’ service is something that we definitely intend to launch. By using the Cell’s security feature, users will be able to rip DVDs that include copyright protection and lay it in the storage area to refine its video quality.”

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ars technica talks Xbox 360

Xbox 360In part 1 of a series, ars technica has taken a look at the Xbox 360 and is disecting what it’s capable of. In this article, they talke about procedural synthesis, dynamic worlds, the cache, some comparisons with Cell, and some notes on IBM/Nintendo’s Gekko. I won’t even bothering trying to summarize. Just go read.

Link: ars technicaInside the Xbox 360, part I

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