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Nintendo Revolution Details and Pics |

Nintendo RevolutionNintendo has released some pictures of the Nintendo revolution. Not only will the Nintendo Revolution will be backwards compatible with the GameCube, but it will play DVDs, and have downloadable access to 20 years worth of Nintendo 64, SNES, and even NES games. It will have a bay for an SD memory card to expand the system’s 512MB of flash memory. Wireless controllers, two USB 2.0 ports, and Wi-Fi access are also features.

Unfortunately, no mention is made of HDTV. I hope a console released in 2006 has HDTV support? Does anyone have any more info on this?

Link: engadgetNintendo Revolution pic
Link: bytesectorNintendo Revolution First Look

  • I haven’t read anything about Revolution HDTV support, and I think that lack of HDTV support would be a smart move if it helps Nintendo to make the NR cheaper. Performance-wise it is unlikely that the NR will be able to compete with Xbox360 and PS3 anyway, and the classic Nintendo player does not have an HDTV device. So Nintendo can continue to focus on younger players, with the Mario-, Zelda-, Starfox etc franchises, instead of starting a battle that they can hardly win.