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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Xbox 360 Revealed! Kinda…

May 13, 2005 |

Xbox 360So last night three of my friends and I were playing Empire Builder, a roadway building game that uses crayons to lay down tracks. Low-tech, I know, but it was my first time playing the game and I had fun. At around 9:30 we paused to check out MTV for the unveiling of the Xbox 360. But… it wasn’t on! Doh! We had MTV Canada, which didn’t have the Xbox 360 show. Grrrr…. So anyway, we continue playing Empire Builder and by 12pm or so we were getting a little tired, especially Todd. Todd will often start to doze on our games nights when it gets late, and when playing Champions on the PS2 or Heros on the Xbox he’ll often stop moving his character so we have to poke him to wake him up. Anyway, we quit the game at midnight and tallied up our accomplishments. While none of us met the winning conditions, I was closest, so I won! Yay. Anyway, when I got home at 12:30am I switched on my HDTV to watch the Xbox 360 thing, which started late and had way too many commercials. (In Canada the Xbox show was carried by CTV at 12:39am (it was supposed to be 12:35am)). Read More

Developers Uneasy About New Game Consoles

May 12, 2005 | has an article about the increasing costs of developing games for the next-generation of consoles. With the first public viewing of the Xbox 360 on MTV tonight, all eyes are on the console space today. How much will it … Read More

Tech-On’s Cell Interview Continues

May 12, 2005 |

Tech-On! has released more of their interview with Sony’s Ken Kutaragi.

When asked about setting the operating frequency at 4GHz:

This is just as initially targeted. The reason for setting this target was quite simple. I extrapolated the operating frequency … Read More

Xbox 360 and HD-DVD?

May 11, 2005 |

[Update 11may05: Here’s another article that says the same thing. It says “Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is widely expected to use the HD-DVD format” which is news to me, because it’s actually widely expected to use DVD. But we’ll find out tomorrow, won’t we?]

Xbox 360All the industry sources so far have predicted that the Xbox 360 will include a DVD drive but will use advanced codecs (VC-1) so that HD content can be used.

But Video Business Online is hinting that the Xbox 360 may have an HD-DVD drive… Read More

More Next-Gen Console Summations

May 10, 2005 |

[Update 11may05: Wired has one too]

With the unveiling of the Xbox 360 just around the corner rumours and speculation are flying everywhere: 360 this, PS3 that, Nintendo is doing what? Exactly! Some people are trying to pull all that … Read More

Risky Xbox 360 Business

May 9, 2005 |

[Update: some hardware specs have been floating at engadget]

At the risk of becoming a rumour site, here’s a link to a forum article with pics of the Xbox 360 from the MTV show to air May 12th but that … Read More

Another Doomsayer Article

May 9, 2005 |

Remember that article I wrote where I expressed my doubt about price estimations for the next generation of console software titles? Well the source I quoted was quoted in another article predicting software cost explosions. I just don’t think it’ll … Read More

Remedy’s Next-Gen Game

May 6, 2005 |

Remedy is working on a game for the PC and next-gen consoles. They have an HD trailer available, giving you an idea of what to expect from the technology.

Link: CODEjUNKiES – Remedy’s next-gen game unmasked Link: EUROGAMER BitTorrent

Read More