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Xbox 360 Dev Kits Ship |

Xbox 360According to CVG, dev kits for the Xbox 360 have shipped, although maybe a little bit late.

However with these kits now purportedly in place, developers should have all the ammo they need and it’s also strategically important for that crucial 360 launch line-up. If there’s no buzz about the actual games this Christmas and people aren’t tearing down the walls to get their hands on Gotham 3, Gears of War and Perfect Dark Zero, then 360 will face a real uphill struggle at launch.

Word also comes our way that some key components like the 360’s GPU and CPU have gone into production too, an equally crucial milestone for Microsoft, although apparently they will be holding off production of the unit itself until pricing has been finalised.


  • Oh very nice. We haven’t got ours yet tough. Stuck with the alpha kits that aren’t that usefull.

  • Henning

    It might be hard to send them all out at once. Also, they probably have “preferred” customers who get them first. If the alpha kits aren’t that useful, then how do you develop?