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Final Fantasy on PS3 |

Well, we all knew Final Fantasy was coming to the PS3. And we didn’t know which one, which we still don’t! But we do know the graphics quality will be awesome:

Speaking to the Japanese videogame publication, Deneki, Yoshiniro Kitase, Producer on Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X has confirmed that he will work closely on the first Playstation3 Final Fantasy title, but refused to clarify whether this would be Final Fantasy XIII or not.

Referring back to the impressive technological demonstration of Final Fantasy VII at E3’05, Kitase-san suggested that a similar level of quality can be expected and that the presentation at E3 represented only a month and a half of development, claiming that extra time and resources could bring an improved sense of quality.

Link: Total Video GamesSquare-Enix Talks Final Fantasy PS3

  • Tom

    A similar sense of quality?

    The FF7 video we saw at E3 was just a re-design of the opening cut scene of the original game, so doesn’t that mean it’s just cut-scene that has been rendered on the PS3? In other words, does he just mean the cinematics in the game or the game as a whole will be of that quality?