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Four Player Xbox 360 Goodness |

My friends and I play a lot of four player games. Last night we played Monkey Ball, X-Men Legends, and Tetris (yup, multiplayer), for example. So whenever I see that a game is four player, my ears perk up. Monster Madness for the Xbox 360 is one such game.

The game is a 3D top down shooter and you will be able to shoot in all directions; you’re not limited to traditional overhead constraints. The game also includes fully customisable weapons which can be built up from parts you find throughout the game. You will also be able to drive vehicles and equip them with weaponry you find in the game. Monster Madness uses the Reality Engine and takes advantage of Shader Model 3.0 features such as High Dynamic Range Rendering and fully dynamically lit and shadowed worlds.

Monster Madness is yet to be picked up by a publisher, but is scheduled to be finished quarter one 2006.

Link: Prodigious GamingMonster Madness

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