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Late ’06 PS3 Release Estimates Annoying |

PS3It’s all over the place. Yup, Sony won’t be released the PS3 in the spring of 2006 as promised. Rather, it’ll be fall. A whole years head start for the Xbox 360. … Yeah, right.

I find it funny that everyone is jumping on this story that Ubisoft thinks that the PS3 will be released in the fall of 2006. Even if the console is released a year from today it is still within the release window stated by Sony. Ubisoft really knows enough to say that it’ll be released three months (or up to six) after that?

First of all, Sony promised that the PS3 would be released in the spring of 2006. Sony’s face will be a nice shade of crimson should they miss the date. Sony’s no Microsoft, where people expect them to miss their dates. This is Sony’s profit center, the Playstation brand, being put on the line here. Sony will try everything to save face.

Also, they can’t afford to miss the date. Not only do they have to hit the date to save face, they have to meet the target to do well in the market. We all know that being first to market isn’t everything (Microsoft’s assertions to the contrary). Sony was second to market with the PS2, behind the Dreamcast. Yet the PS2 overtook the Dreamcast and went on to become the dominant platform of its generation. Even so, it’s easily understood that the sooner Sony puts its platform on the market, the better its chances are. So Sony will try to release its platform as soon as possible.

Link: PUNCHJUMPUbisoft estimates U.S. Playstation 3 in late 2006

  • Word to the wise: Don’t become a Sony apologist. Don’t say things like, “Sony’s no Microsoft.” Don’t make excuses for them. I’m not saying that these reports are necessarily true, but you have to weigh them against the technical hurdles Sony still faces versus Microsoft, as well as the fact that Sony has been known to overhype their technology just as much as the next guy. Now, with real, honest-to-god dev kits shipping from MS, we know where they stand. We won’t have any idea where the PS3 really stands until we start seeing some beta-level hardware coming out the door.

  • Henning

    When I said “Sony’s no Microsoft” I was actually referring to Microsoft in its role as an operating system provider, maybe I should have been more clear. Their OS’s are late sometimes by years. I just don’t see that happening with the PS3.

  • Sure, I just wanted to give ya a heads up about how it sounded. I like the coverage you’ve got here.

  • John Redding

    Listen everyone. Sony will NOT release the PS3 in Spring of 2006. It is too much. They said that to make you not buy the Xbox 360. I believe Fall or even Winter of ’06, nothing later. The Xbox isn’t doing too well anyway. They dont need to rush. “Their face will be in crimson”??? No it wont. These guys are Sony. If they miss the date(which they are) the geeks are just gonna keep waiting until Fall. PS is a better system that Xbox, so no one will buy the Xbox just because they missed their date. I totally disagree. UBIsoft is right on. They know what will happen. They do it to everything just to make it seem like the biggest thing in the world. Truth is no one care how long it takes, as long as the price is fair and the gameplay is perfect, NO ONE WILL CARE!!!