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10 Million Xbox 360’s in First Year |

Microsoft’s Peter Moore says that they’re hoping to sell 10 million Xbox 360’s in the “first 12 to 16 months of launch”.

CVG puts this number into perspective: Microsoft sold 20 million original Xbox’s in 3 years. To do 10 million in one year would be quite an accomplishment. I think that the 360 will definitely do better than the original Xbox did, but 10 million is a Wow! number.

Link: CVG’10 Million 360s Sold in First Year’ – Peter Moore
Link: BBC NEWSMicrosoft aims for 10m Xbox 360s

  • Glen

    PS1 had sold 90 million systems so PS2 had a fast start with all them fans.

    XBOX started with 0 fans now they have over 20 million.

    More people buy games per system for the XBOX, more people play copied games on the PS2.

    best sold game
    90 million PS2 sold? 9 million GTAs
    20 million XBOX sold 7 million

    Dont you see most PS2s have stoped working and most people only buy copied games for the PS2.

  • Henning

    Even so, selling 10 million 360’s in one year would be quite an achievement, which was the point of the post. If Microsoft can indeed do this, that would give them a definite edge over the PS3.