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Your PS3 Will Most Likely Have Defects |

CellBut that’s okay.

We all know that the Cell processor has 8 synergistic processor elements (SPEs) for multicore processing, plus one PowerPC core. The specs for the PS3 say that the PS3 will have a Cell processor with 7 SPEs. That’s because they’re allowing for a production defect in one of the 8 SPEs, and will turn that one off. It’s really hard to manufacture chips with no defects, so this gives Sony some room to increase yields and thus lower costs. And lower costs are a good thing. Makes me wonder, though. Will they let Cell processor with 8 working SPEs into PS3s? Does that mean that some PS3s will be more powerful than others?

And if you’re wondering why the PS3’s Cell is specified at 3.2GHz instead of the anticipated 4GHz that the processor was unveiled at, it’s for one reason: heat. The 4GHz part is just too hot to fit into such a small enclosure.

Link: GamespotKutaragi talks more on PlayStation 3

  • Glen

    [Moderator Edit: I almost deleted this post. It is irrelevant, inaccurate, off-topic, and slanderous. However, in the interest of journalistic integrity I’ll leave it here for now. We’ll see how Glen behaves himself in the future.]

    Why did you turn that PS3 bad news in to good news but turn XBOX 360 good news in to bad?

    “At least Sony could be professional about the whole thing but their attacks are so childish which is what bothers me the most. It’s fine to say that their system will be better but at least do it in a more objective way.”

    This site is none professinal if it was it would not down grade the X360 with every post and upgrade the PS3.

  • Glen

    The XBOX 360 as 3 x 3.2Ghz CPUs PS3 only as 1 3.2Ghz

    To have 1 more SPE wont upgrade the CPU speed.

    The XBOX 360 as 3 times more CPU