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Massively Multiplayer Mayhem on PS3 |

Sony Online is bringing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to the PS3. And in a massively multiplayer fashion, to boot. Chris Kramer from Sony Online recently talked to Gamecloud and that was one of the little tidbits he revealed. And since the interview was actually mostly about Matrix Online being bought by Sony Online, that’s about all the PS3 news it had. So just a small bit of news there. Still cool, just small.

Link: GamecloudMatrix Online-Sony Online Interview

But, IGN knows that the game is targetted at late 2007. Which is kinda far away.

Link: PS3 IGNDC Comics MMORPG For Next Gen

  • Glen

    This game is built for the PC first and they say it will be just like City of heroes.

    Why i hate city of heroes, when i started playing CoH it was the best online game i ever played till they started playing with the settings.. first they down graded the upgrades i picked..

    I spent 100s of hrs trying to lv then they change the upgrades i got.. how can they change the upgrade i played hrs to get? i was happy to get them as they were not now they down graded them, why would they do this?

    So people take longer to get to lv 50 so people keep paying that fee each month..

    Did not work all my friends stoped playing the game.. no friends to play with.. it was my friends that kept me playing not how slow it takes me to lv.

    I read in other news this sony game will also be out for the XBOX 360