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nVIDIA’s GeForce 7800 and RSX |

nVIDIA has launch the GeForce 7800. Otherwise known as the G70, it is known that the PS3’s RSX chip is a derivative of this new product. For full details on the new GeForce 7800, see the links below. What they’ll show you is that the G70 is a mighty powerful graphics chip that should do very well inside the PS3. The second psinext article postulates that the chip in the PS3 will be even more powerful than the 7800 just announced, which makes sense since the PS3’s launch is a year away.

Link: ars technicaNVIDIA’s GeForce 7800 GTX launches
Link: AnandTechNVIDIA’s GeForce 7800 GTX Hits The Ground Running
Link: psinextGeForce 7800 GTX launches; tie-in to RSX confirmed
Link: psinextClues indicate that G70/RSX might be even more powerful than originally thought

  • Great device and great development from NVIDIA. Definitely this will make computer with better productivity than ever. The device is great in all points of view