1080p Displays for the PS3

I know, I know. The PS3 is, like, a year away. And so much can happen in a year that we shouldn’t be thinking about this now. But what if you want to buy an HDTV today that will work with the PS3 when released? Almost any HDTV will do, except if you want to use the PS3’s 1080p output capability. Then things start to get a little bit harder to sort out.

In one of my very first articles about the PS3 I hoped that Sony would fix the Qualia’s inability to accept 1080p, and it seems like they will. See the AVS Forum thread below. The thread attempts to list all 1080p displays for use with the PS3. How handy!

Now that TI has a 1080p DLP chip (using wobulation), manufacturers are starting to use it. Mitsubishi is one them. So you might also want to look that way.

Link: AVS ForumList of all 1080P display devices for PS3
Link: HDBlog.netMitsubishi Ships 1080p DLPs

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

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