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EA Squeezes its Crown Tighter |

EA is the big boy, the main man, the big pig, of the gaming world. It’s strange to be writing those words today, because I just got an e-mail from EA asking me to contact them about employment opportunities in Vancouver. I’d love to create PS3 or 360 games, but I wouldn’t love the Vancouver rain so much. Or the overtime. I prefer to put in a good day of work and then go home, spend time with my family, and then play games or write or whatever. As a matter of fact, tonight is games night at my place and I rented Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. I hope it’s good. Hmm, what a coincidence. The game is by Ubisoft. Isn’t EA trying to buy them out or something?

EA is doing something right, however, even without me. And they plan to be number one for quite some time. Warren Jenson, CFO of EA, said that EA’s number one priority right now is to deliver great entertainment. The second priority is to be ready for the next generation. Being a leader when a new round of consoles hits is very important. Mr. Jenson said: “If you look at our shares the last go-round in transition, our segment shares improved very dramatically by really being the leader.”

Of course, this means EA will have some games ready for the launches of the 360 and PS3, and maybe even the Revolution as well. We’ll get to see how many and of what quality, and how they fare against competitors. Will their lineups solidy their position as king, or will it weaken it?

Link: TheStreet.comElectronic Arts’ CFO Grows Up Again

  • Glen

    I would not work for EA.

    EA own 10% of Ubisoft but Ubisoft dont want them to buy any more.

    I would love to work on a game like far cry i love landscaping.

    I will never get the chance to make games but if i did they would be the best games ever made.

    I will stick with VR worlds

  • All depends on what you want to do. I used to be a games developer for Sir-Tech and it was fun, but the pay wasn’t the best. I think it would be fun to work on games again, but I wouldn’t want to work overtime (much).

    If you want to work on games, there any many ways to do it. As a programmer you can write an indie game, or just apply for a position at a games company. Writing an indie game first will probably help your chances. Check out the Indiegamer Forums. If you’re very methodical and picky, you could be a tester (which isn’t really as glorious as it sounds). Or a writer, or one of many things.

    Never say never…

  • Glen

    1 game idea i do have is to to build a games world this would be free but you would have to pay for the games.. lets say EA games each year you have the option to upgrade each game for a fee.

    To have all EA games in a online VR world would be alot better than getting out each CD every time you want a game.

    i would make music VR worlds like mike oldfield as done.. music fans would sooner use these worlds than play a rpg or FPS game.

    VR worlds are for more than just games.

    But ideas is 1 thing going out and doing it is another.. why would people want to build my game? i dont see any way in.

    I am 28 now and feel like it is to late to start thinking about it now.. but i do feel i have something new to bring to the world.

  • Glen

    If i could type as good as you i would like to crteate a big game site.

    Will you move on from this to something bigger in time do you think?

    This site is nice and simple but i feel alot of games sites miss out on ideas.

    You should know me from teamxbox if you go on there Lucider

  • I’m 36, and I just started two weblogs this year. Never too late.

  • Glen

    This and what is the other?

  •, of course! Actually, I created that site first, then when I noticed that I had a lot of gaming content, I split it into two. HDBlog and PS3Blog. When I’m done getting the design for this site working in IE, I’ll redesign that one too. I have a cool idea for it.

  • Glen

    “If you’re very methodical and picky, you could be a tester (which isn’t really as glorious as it sounds).”

    lol how can playing games for money be hard? i would do that for free