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IBM Sells Cell

CellShowing that the PS3’s brain is good for something other than games, IBM has signed Mercury Computer Systems to build computers based on the Cell. Mercury Computer Systems traditionally builds systems for image and signal processing applications.

Under the terms of an agreement, Mercury and IBM (nyse: IBM – news – people ) will codevelop products with powerful graphics-processing needs, for which the Cell processor chips were specifically designed. IBM has said it has no plans to sell the chip on the merchant market directly, but instead will custom-design versions of the chip aimed at specific applications. Neither IBM nor Mercury described exactly what they will develop, but they say the chips could be used in computers aimed at several types of customers, including Mercury’s traditional defense and medical-imaging precuts, plus telecommunications and seismic research.

Link: ForbesIBM Snags New Customer For Cell Chip
Link: iTnewsIBM Cell chip moves beyond gaming

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New Theme!

If you’re a Firefox user you might have noticed something new in the sidebar – a theme switcher. I have decided that the new theme I’ve been working on is ready for prime time. Just click on the word “GreyTheme” and you’ll see it. If you don’t like it, you can click on “BasicTheme” to go back, but I have a feeling you won’t be doing that. Unfortunately, being a relative novice when it comes to HTML and PHP (though I’m learning) my new theme looks terrible in IE. So only Firefox users have the option of seeing the new theme. I’m working on getting the IE version working, but it may be a while since I’m on vacation next week.

I’d love to hear any comments, negative or positive or constructive, about my new theme. I’d especially like to hear comments and suggestions about my choices of font colours. I’m still a little unsure about them.


PS3 Will Cost $494 to Make?

Merrill Lynch Japan has a crystal ball. A crystal ball that works quite well, it appears, and gives answers with authority. Recently they’ve had to polish it a bit because it’s been steaming up with all those Merrill Lynch people gazing at it too closely. But it gave forth some of its knowledge, and it goes like this:

1. The cost of manufacturing a PS3 will be $494.
2. Sony will sell the PS3 for $399.
3. Therefore Sony will lose $95 on every PS3 sold.
4. Sony will lose $1.18 billion during the first year of the PS3’s release.

My question is, what will the Merrill Lynch people due when they discover that the crystal ball has been giving less than crystalline answers? You don’t think it’s right, do you? For surely, it is highly unlikely that predictions as precise as these will actually end up being accurate. So what will Merrill Lynch due with a useless crystal ball? Maybe they can lend it to Microsoft, since I don’t think they forsaw that they’d still be in the red on the Xbox today.

Link: GamespotReport: PS3 to sell for $399, cost $494 to make

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1080p Displays for the PS3

I know, I know. The PS3 is, like, a year away. And so much can happen in a year that we shouldn’t be thinking about this now. But what if you want to buy an HDTV today that will work with the PS3 when released? Almost any HDTV will do, except if you want to use the PS3’s 1080p output capability. Then things start to get a little bit harder to sort out.

In one of my very first articles about the PS3 I hoped that Sony would fix the Qualia’s inability to accept 1080p, and it seems like they will. See the AVS Forum thread below. The thread attempts to list all 1080p displays for use with the PS3. How handy!

Now that TI has a 1080p DLP chip (using wobulation), manufacturers are starting to use it. Mitsubishi is one them. So you might also want to look that way.

Link: AVS ForumList of all 1080P display devices for PS3
Link: HDBlog.netMitsubishi Ships 1080p DLPs

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