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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Microsoft Lines up Japanese Developers

June 29, 2005 |

[Update 01jul05: and even more developers]

Xbox Japan boss Yoshihiro Maruyama says that up to eight locally developed titles will greet the 360’s launch in Japan. We all know that the Xbox sold poorly in Japan. Very poorly. So this … Read More

PS3 and Xbox 360, by AnandTech

June 28, 2005 |

[Update 01jul05: EuroGamer has a commentary about this article and also found a source for the original, if you still want to read it.] [Update 30jun05: it looks like AnandTech has pulled the article, sorry. But Slashdot has a big … Read More

Xbox 360 may use HD-DVD Eventually

June 28, 2005 |

[Update 29jun05: Tom’s Hardware and PlayFeed are two among many to comment on this announcement. PlayFeed wonders at the wisdom of splitting the 360 userbase, while Tom’s Hardware suggests that the next-gen blue laser format might be fought out by … Read More

Alan Wake for PS3

June 28, 2005 |

PS3 IGN has posted a couple screenshots of Alan Wake for the PS3. They look quite nice, although it looks like some elements weren’t textured (like the railing on the porch). But if these are representative of actual gameplay, wow!

Read More

Revolution gets Upgraded old Games

June 27, 2005 | | One Comment

I was just saying to my friends a couple weeks ago that the old classic games should be revived and kept up to date. Games like Archon, Defender, Galaxian, Qix. These and others are great games that I’d like to … Read More

Killzone Trailer Realtime !?

June 27, 2005 | | 5 Comments

When I was a kid there was a draw at the local mall, Fairview Mall. The prize was an Intellivision. Ooooh. An Intellivision. A casual friend of mine had one, and I’d played it, and I knew it was good. … Read More

nVIDIA’s GeForce 7800 and RSX

June 27, 2005 | | One Comment

nVIDIA has launch the GeForce 7800. Otherwise known as the G70, it is known that the PS3’s RSX chip is a derivative of this new product. For full details on the new GeForce 7800, see the links below. What they’ll … Read More

Massively Multiplayer Mayhem on PS3

June 27, 2005 | | One Comment

Sony Online is bringing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to the PS3. And in a massively multiplayer fashion, to boot. Chris Kramer from Sony Online recently talked to Gamecloud and that was one of the little tidbits he revealed. And … Read More