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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Your PS3 Will Most Likely Have Defects

June 23, 2005 | | 2 Comments

But that’s okay.

We all know that the Cell processor has 8 synergistic processor elements (SPEs) for multicore processing, plus one PowerPC core. The specs for the PS3 say that the PS3 will have a Cell processor with 7 SPEs. … Read More

10 Million Xbox 360’s in First Year

June 22, 2005 | | 2 Comments

Microsoft’s Peter Moore says that they’re hoping to sell 10 million Xbox 360’s in the “first 12 to 16 months of launch”.

CVG puts this number into perspective: Microsoft sold 20 million original Xbox’s in 3 years. To do … Read More

PS3 in Spring 2006 for Europe?

June 22, 2005 | | 2 Comments

As someone who lives in Canada, I know what it’s like to get things later than our American neighbours, or some things not at all (like Mitsubishi HDTVs). Well, our friends across the great Atlantic water have it even worse, … Read More

Best Case: PS3 takes 50%

June 21, 2005 | | 4 Comments

[Update 22jun05: more analysis from tom’s hardware guide]


Marketshare. Marketshare is everything. Without it, nobody cares. With it, everyone does. This is especially true in the arena of gaming consoles. Sony’s PS2 is the current title-holder, with about 70% … Read More

Japanese Developers Talk Next-Gen

June 21, 2005 |

Several Japanese game developers have voiced their opinions about the upcoming consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Developers from Sega, Tecmo, Koei, and more have their opinions and Gamespot collected them for you.

For example:

Yuji Naka, Sonic the Hedgehog … Read More

PS3 Not so Big After All?

June 21, 2005 |

Much was made of how large the PS3 console looked when it was unveiled at E3. Now Nikkei Electronics put together a chart that compares console sizes, and it seems that the PS3 isn’t such a monster after all. It’s … Read More

RSX = G70?

June 21, 2005 |

How much will the PS3’s RSX processor be like the upcoming G70 chip from nVidia?

Over the last several days it has spread that G70 should be a 302 million transistor part; this would make it not only the single … Read More

Cell Processor Powerful

June 21, 2005 |

It’s looking like the Cell processor is quite a powerful one, powering the PS3 to the top. IBM’s Alex Chow gave a presentation about the Cell at the conference in Barcelona.

For the large FFT test, an algorithm designed … Read More