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360 Shortages all Around? |

I was one of the first people I know to get a PS2. I had to hunt all over for one and was very proud that I actually found one at a local Zellers. “You have a PS2?” Yup, I do. I had also found an extra PS2 box (just the cardboard!) and gave it to a friend. He put it in his cubicle at work, which attracted a lot of attention. I guess there’s just something special about being one of the first owners of a next generation console. They are often in short supply, and it looks like it won’t be any different for the 360 come fall ’05. According to CVG, stocks of available 360 consoles are quite low due to so many preorders for the system. This is a good thing and a bad thing.

A good thing because it validates the 360. Lots of people want it, and lots of people are buying into it. People will hear about the sold-out status and think that it might be a platform worth getting into if so many other people are doing so too. (I know, I know. Herd mentality. But it exists.) I am assuming many consoles were made available for preorder. If Microsoft just made a small number available in order to get them to sell out, that’s different, but I doubt that’s the case.

A bad thing because, well, it makes it all the harder for people to buy a 360. You can’t buy what’s not being sold. As well, if people hear about the sold out status, they might decide not to go to a store to pick one up, even once they’ve become available.

Link: CVGXbox 360 Hit by Stock Shortages Already?

On the other hand, Gamespot thinks that these rumours of shortages may be bogus, so we’ll have to wait a bit for more confirmation.

Link: GamespotRumor Control: Xbox 360 shortages and the P$$$3