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PS3 Router Boondoggle |

Sometimes I feel like screaming “Ha! I knew it!” You must get that feeling too every once in a while. You hear something and you think that, you know, that doesn’t sound right. But you can’t back up your thoughts with any substantive evidence.

That’s the way it was when I saw the media explode about how Sony isn’t including a router in the PS3. I knew that the router was never an announced feature, but I didn’t have a source to quote. After all, who announces the lack of a feature? So what could I say? I said nothing. Until now. PS3 IGN has nicely substantiated my thoughts.

In the process of developing any product, many features are discussed. Some of them make it into the final product. Most of them get heaped into two other piles. The “no way” pile and the “maybe some other time” pile. As a software developer I am quite familiar with these piles. Often features from the “maybe some other time” creep into the current product. Often product features get dropped and move into the “maybe some other time” pile. But my point is that there are lots of ideas flying around, and only some of them make it into the final product.

The router was one such feature for the PS3.

And Mr. Kutaragi innocently mentioned that this was one of the features they decided not to include in the PS3. It was like proposing a tax cut to Democrats. Xbox fanboys and media alike pounced on this story like it fortold the end of Sony. I routinely scroll through news sources for inspiration, and the number of outlets reporting on this was simply amazing.

So relax, take it easy, and let this drop. It was a feature that Sony considered but decided not to include. No big deal. It never should have been.


Link: PS3 IGNPS3 Router Functions Revisted

  • I bet that’s a lot like how I said “Ha! I knew it!” when the truth finally came out that Killzone was actually rendered at 5fps :p