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Shadowrun for Xbox 360 |

I realize that Shadowrun is an RPG first and a series of books second. But I was never a fan of pencil-and-paper RPGs. I am a great fan of science fiction and fantasy literature. So I’ve read many Shadowrun books. Some of them are good. Many are not. But the ones that are good are quite enjoyable. I especially liked the ones by Robert N. Charette. The others weren’t as strong. But I digress.

Now Shadowrun is coming to the Xbox 360. Supposedly a FASA Studio employee accidentally let it slip. And it’s going to be a first-person shooter! Who’d a thunk it? Doesn’t seem quite right. Now if they used the Shadowrun franchise to do something like X-Men Legends or Champions of Norrath, that would be a cool. Oh the possibilities. But you never know, it might make a good FPS too.

I just hope Shadowrun comes to the PS3.

Link: team XBOXShadowrun in Development for the Xbox 360

  • Personally, I’d like to see a shadowrun game done up GTA-style.