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Xbox 360 Packaging and Accessories |

At the Xbox Summit 2005, Microsoft showed a packaging mock-up for the Xbox 360. The side of the box said that it would include a wireless controller, a hard drive, Xbox Live, headset, and ethernet cable. A pretty good list of inclusions, though by Xbox Live I guess they mean the hardware supports Xbox Live Silver out of the box. It’s nice to see the headset included, but what about audio/video cables?

They also announced a list of accessories that you’ll be able to purchase separately. Among them are hard drives, controllers, memory cards, extra batteries, charge units, headsets, faceplates, a remote control, and cables. Included in the list of cables are a VGA HD cable, component video cable, and S-Video cable. Gamespot says that you’d need the VGA HD cable to play HD, but I wonder why you couldn’t play HD over the component connection? It’s certainly capable.

Link: GamespotXbox 360 packaging, accessories displayed

  • Rj

    because gamespot is a bunch of tards. They’ve decided to report it’s not coming with audio video cables, when microsoft said they were shipping it with high def cables months ago.

    it’s just stupid.

    That list also doesn’t mention anything about an AC adaptor, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume the console will ship with one.