Playable PS3 at TGS?

At the PlayStation Meeting held recently, Ken Kutaragi said “We hope to use the Tokyo Game Show as a chance for everyone to get to know, or possibly experience, what next-generation entertainment is all about.”

Hmmmm. “Possibly experience”. Two little words, so chock full of meaning. Tantalizing, taunting, and ultimately… meaningless. We probably don’t know until the Tokyo Game Show actually arrives whether or not there will actually be playable demos, and by the time we find out, it won’t matter whether or not we heard this rumour anyway.


That’s the problem with being a PS3 and next-gen website when the PS3 isn’t even out yet. Just too much speculation and not enough specification.

Link: EurogamerPS3 to be playable at TGS?

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

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