Fox Does Blu-ray

The little shiny discs that your PS3 will gobble up can be CDs, DVDs, or BDs. BD? Blu-ray Discs. And there’s somewhat of a format war going on between HD-DVD (backed by Toshiba and others) and Blu-ray (backed by Sony and more others). Disney, MGM, and Columbia/Tristar back Blu-ray. Universal, Paramount, and Warner Brothers back HD-DVD. And now Fox has joined the Blu-ray camp officially. There have been hints that they may go this way, Sony is sure to be happy that Fox has made it official. It’s a good thing for Blu-ray, and therefore a good thing for the PS3.

Link: HDBlog.net20th Century Fox Officially Goes Blu-ray

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

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