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Sony PS3 Timeline |

Just to help you keep all your dates straight, I put together this nice little list.

Jul 2005 Sony ships 450 evaluation units.
Aug 2005 Sony ships 200 evaluation units.
Sep 2005 Sony ships 300 evaluation units.
Sep 7-11, ’05 CEDIA Expo 2005 (for Blu-ray related info)
Sep 16-18, ’05 Tokyo Game Show
Oct 22-30, ’05 Akihabara Entertainment Festival
Oct 2005 Sony ships 3000 evaluation units.
Nov 2005 Sony ships 3000 evaluation units.
Dec 2005 Reference Tool Release
Jan 5, ’06 CES Keynote Speach by Howard Stringer, Sony’s CES 2006 Website
Feb 2006 PlayStation Conference (never happened)
Feb 16 – 20, ’06 Taipei Game Show
Feb 27 + 2006 Destination PlayStation (Developer’s Conference)
March 15, 2006 Sony Press Conference
March 22, 2006 Phil Harrison Keynote at GDC This is my realtime GDC coverage.
May 8th 2006, 4pm Pre-E3 Press Conference
Sept 22-24, ’06 Tokyo Game Show
November 2006 PS3 Launch in Asia, North America, and Europe
  • ps3 are awsome is that spring for australia or spring for america

  • Probably Japan, actually. But we don’t know for sure.

  • Well, it looks like we’re not going to hear any news from Destination PlayStation. And the link doesn’t even work anymore!