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PSM Reveals PS3 Details |

It looks like PSM magazine is better at finagling details out of the PS3 developers than the rest of us, because they got some of them to talk off the record about the PS3 in their September issue.

  1. No More Memory Cards Not so sure I like that one. If I can play my PS2 games on my PS3, I’d also like to used the games I saved. The PS3 will use Memory Stick Duo cards like the PSP, and I’ll be able to save PS2 games on that, but still. What should I do with all my old game saves? Do I have to start over?
  2. No Legacy Periphal Support Hmmm, so I can’t use my old controllers (and other peripherals) either. Given that the new PS3 controller doesn’t seem to be able to do anything my old controllers can’t, that’s a bummer. Especially given that the PS3 sounds like it’ll be expensive, I’d like to save some money by keeping my old controllers.
  3. Specs Aren’t Set So the specs aren’t set in stone yet. Things are still being tweaked, including the additional memory. That sounds like a good thing.
  4. HDD Not for Games But for media content. No saving games on the HDD. Grrrrr. What about in-game music from ripped CDs? This is something the 360 will support, and I think it’s a killer feature. No more stinkin rap music or hip-hop crap in my games!
  5. PSP Remote Don’t have a PSP, and probably never will. So I don’t care.
  6. TiVo-Like Add-on Unless this thing can record HDTV from my digital cable (unlikely), I won’t care about this one either.
  7. Most Games 720p Many games will be 720p – I don’t care, really. I think that 720p games will look great on my HDTV.
  8. Speed OR Quality This one is a little vague. It says “Sony is leaving the door open for developers to offer players the ability to make their games run faster and smoother by using lower resolutions like 480p.” Does that mean that (a) when you boot up the game you can choose a low-res mode or a high-res mode, or (b) that some games will be only low-res ? If (b), that sucks. If (a), that’s okay.

Link: MAX CONSOLEPSM September Magazine reveals interesting PS3 Information

  • Francois

    I expect nothing less than full support for hdtv on every game, otherwise I’ll be very disapointed. One of the reasons I bought a 43 inch lcd was to play PS2 game and I was very surprised how bad the graphics were (blurry, pixated) compared to regular TV. So in my opinion, they must focus on delivering HD games while offering 480i/480p compatibility but without any advantage doing so. I don’t want slower framerate because I am using a hard earned HDTV.

    I heard the same rumor for XBox 360, a friend of mine working at Ubisoft told me that developpers asked MS if they could release in 480p because there was not enough processing resource to perform they targeted framerate and graphic detail in HD format.

    and GT4 runs in 1080i on a ps2… oh well

  • Yes, if PS3 games don’t support at least 720p I’ll be quite disappointed too. Not what I bought a 57″ HDTV for.