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Sony to Reduce PS2 Price to Combat Xbox 360? |

According to SPOnG, retailers have told them that Sony will slash the price of the PS2 to between £60 and £70 in the UK this Christmas.

“You can expect significant reductions in the price of everything this Christmas, but most noticeable will be the PlayStation 2,” our well-placed source told SPOnG. “We’ve been briefed to expect a price as low as £60 beginning at the start of December. Sony’s probably looking at a global price cut – around $100 in the States and a serious Platinum range announcement too.”

When I read this news I really couldn’t decide if this would impact sales of the Xbox 360 or not. I mean, if you want a 360 you’ll buy it, right? On the other hand, if you’re a kid who has to beg your parents for a console under the tree, maybe it could make a difference.


Link: SPOnGSlimline PlayStation 2 for £60 – 360 Spoiler Looms

  • Francois

    XBox 360 or not, I think they would have been a PS2 price cut. Moreover, I expect major price cut for PS2 games also. We will see…