Genji by Game Republic

First, Yoshiki Okamoto produced Onimusha at Capcom. Next, Yoshiki Okamoto left Capcom to found Game Republic. Now, Genji.

Genji: Dawn of Samurai by Game Republic is coming out for the PS2 in North America this fall. And not to be left out, the whole Genji experience will be coming to the PS3 as well. Genji is a Samurai fighting game, and IGN has a trailer.

Based on the trailer, Genji takes place three years following the events of the original as Yoshitsune, the hero of the first title, once again sets off on an adventure. The Kamui system will, it seems, be back with this sequel.

PS3 IGN – Genji – Main Page
Gamespot – Genji – Main Page

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

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