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Sony Could NOT Delay PS3 ’till 2007 |

PS3It’s the story that just won’t die. I’ve been trying really hard not to comment on it because it’s such a ridiculous thing I didn’t think it was worth the trouble. But when even gets into the act, I figure I have to say something.

Some analyst somewhere said something about Sony delaying the release of the PS3 if the 360 does poorly. This analyst’s name is Michael Pachter, and he works for Wedbush Morgan Securities. He suggests that Microsoft’s launch of the Xbox 360 will not go as well as Microsoft hopes, and that Sony has options. And included in those options was slipping the PS3 to an early 2007 launch.

I am about to go outside and drive to Staples to buy some desk organizers because my wife thinks my desk looks too messy. One of the options I have is to pile my kids into the minivan and drive through the park, knocking over all the mini-trees trying to become adult trees. It’s an option, sure. But is it going to happen? Nope. [Update: I just came back. It didn’t happen.]

Sony is currently gearing up for the launch of the PS3 in spring 2006. The Xbox 360 is launching in November 2005. Even if sales are lackluster in November (which I doubt), they could rebound in December and January. Which begs the question. How many months of sales data do you need to determine if the Xbox 360 launch was a success or not? Certainly not one, two, or three. And that would be about how much data Sony would have before being able to abort a launch. Because otherwise they’d have started production of actual PS3 hardware. Especially if they are considering an early spring launch, for which there are some hints.

All of Sony is gearing up for a spring 2006 launch. Software tools. Game software. PS3 hardware. Peripherals. Marketing. Sales. Manufacturing. How easy is it to turn a behemoth like Sony on a dime? Tanker ships literally take miles to make turns or to slow to a stop. A major console launch is like that tanker. Slow, ponderous, and magnificent.

Link: News.comAnalyst: Sony could delay PS3

  • Todd Jefferson

    Absolutely right. Anyone who’s ever (successfully) taken any product to market, esp. one as large as xbox/ps3 will recognize the lead times required to get reviews, advertising, magazine articles etc. in the pipeline will make this sort of change incredibly unlikely.
    Once that train is rolling, it’s very expensive to stop.

  • SpyderWeiss

    I have however heard rumors of a north american launch closer to fall of 2006, and a Japanese launch in Spring 2006. I think this would be a horrible idea however, because Sony’s got way more at stake here in the US. I’m not planning on buying a XBOX360, I never found any games (okay, Ninja Gaiden is cool) that I wanted to play on the original XBOX (don’t get me started on what a horribly slow FPS Halo is). But I’ve got friends who are on the fence on which system they want, and telling North America they have to wait 4-6 months after a Japanse launch to play the same games would be dangerous.

  • With Microsoft releasing their console to 3 major markets within weeks of each other, I think that Sony would be stupid not to follow suit.

  • Dang i heard the ps3 might be delayed until 2007 and i almost gave up. I wasnt going to wait till im off to collage then buy the ps3, but this piece of news brought my hopes right back up thanx.

  • Thanks Nate. Note that I’m talking about the North American and Japanese releases. Other markets will probably get theirs later.