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MotorStorm by Evolution Studios |

Fully destructable cars, smashing and crashing, flipping and flying. Motorbikes, ATVs, dune buggies. Oh, and normal cars too. Dust, dirt, and debris zipping every which way. An ATV and its rider crashing into a house, splintering it apart. Fire, smoke, and dust trails mucking up the air. And just plain muck on the windshield.

Utter mayhem. Take a look at the trailer linked below, and you’ll see utter mayhem.

If MotorStorm is even half as good as the preview video shown at E3, it’ll be a hit. A big hit. A hit like no other.

Evolution Studios has a lot to live up to.

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  • Francois Methot

    I really hope the final game will look like the trailer seen at E3. This is exactly the level of detail I expect from next generation console. Althought the ps2 is an excellent console, I remember back in 1999 all the hype surrounding its super computer level performance and its record-braking polygons/sec. When I played the first batch of games, it was not as great as I expected but still impressive (SSX being the best looking game at the time). So this time I hope one and only one thing from Sony (or Microsoft): To really be impressed!!!