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PS3 Plays PC Games? Hardly |

Do I even need to try to refute this one? Or is posting a link to the article to give y’all a good laugh good enough? I think I’ll go for the latter, though I’ll give a small comment.

This post quotes TransGaming, which makes Windows games work under Linux. Then it postulates that since Linux will run on the PS3, that these games could also run on the PS3.

The main reason why this won’t work? PS3 uses a Cell processor, not a Pentium. So the emulation would have to emulate both Windows AND the Pentium, and that is (a) way too slow and (b) fraught with so many pitfalls it’ll probably never work. There’s a reason why emulators have never done that well, and I just mentioned them!

But hey, they could always prove me wrong. I dare them.

Link: The Console WarsCould PlayStation 3 Play PC Games?

  • Zatu

    It could never put the SPEs to any use either.

  • Howdy, I am the article author. First I would like to point out it was a speculative piece. If you look at the link to the company that creates the software you will see that in most games will run faster then they would in a native environment. The fact is Linux has a much more reliable kernal and memory system. Windows is Bloatware. So I stand by the statement that “this is entirely possible”

    🙂 PEACE 🙂

  • Thanks for reading! And while technically possible, I happen to think it’s not feasible. I’m a software developer myself and worked on the WINE project to emulate Windows on Linux, so I know how hard this stuff is. I’m extremely skeptical of any emulation technologies, but I do have to concede that it may be technically possible, though very hard!