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Xbox 360, HDD, Wireless Controller: $399 |

What would you say if I told you that the Xbox 360 would retail for $299 without a HDD, and with a wired controller? And what would you say if you’d have to shell out $399 clams to get a wireless controller and HDD (and a headset, remote, and Ethernet cable)? What would you say? (Beyond the obvious: is your source for real? In this case it’s the L.A.Times, but I don’t know where they got their info.)

I know what I’d say. I’d say that Sony is vindicated for warning of a high price for the PS3. Everyone was assuming that the Xbox 360 would sell for $299 with the wireless controller and HDD. Now it turns out (again, according to L.A.Times at least) that this won’t be the case.

Conclusion? I think that the price of the PS3 versus the price of the Xbox 360 will be more comparable than everyone had thought.

Link: L.A.Times (free subscription) – Microsoft Sets Price for Xbox 360 Versions

Update: SPOnG says that Microsoft has confirmed these details and more.

Core Xbox:

  • $299.99 in US, £209.99 in the UK, €299.99 elsewhere in Europe
  • wired controller
  • faceplate
  • standard av cables
  • Xbox Live Silver membership

Deluxe Xbox:

  • $399.99 in US, £279.99 in the UK, €399.99 elsewhere in Europe
  • wireless controller
  • faceplate
  • component HD AV cables
  • Xbox Live Silver membership
  • 20GB removable HDD
  • Live headset
  • an Ethernet cable
  • Xbox 360 media remote

With all the emphasis Microsoft has been putting on HD support, I’m surprised that the HD cables are only coming in the more expensive version.

Link: SPOnGXbox 360: $299 and $399 Pricing and Hard Drive Mystery Explained
Link: Gaming 360 for pictures

  • I just thought of something: if the Core system doesn’t come with a HDD, how do you save games? I don’t see a Memory Card as one of the included items.

  • iomegadrive

    Wow. I was thinking of getting both the xbox360 and the PS3, but if the xbox360 only comes with the things promised by Microsoft in the more expensive version, I think I might just hold out for the PS3 and buy a crap load of stuff at launch.

    For shame Microsoft. For shame. Weren’t they the ones who clamoured over the inclusion of the HDD, the *mandatory* support for HD, and much touted Xbox Live connectivity? And now they release this, one without the HDD, without HD cables and with a watered down Xbox Live Membership. Henning, I think you were right when you predicted that Sony would have a hard time competing if the Xbox Live included these things, but now it seems like Microsoft is trying to let Sony back into the fight. Sony must be really happy now.

    And yeah, how do you save games without a memory card/HDD? Confuzzling.

    Another thing that bothers me. I am an avid PC gamer as well and with the PC format, I am used to having to choose between configurations etc. whilst I choose a game for purchase. Also, I am used to the multitude of configurations of mobos/cpus/memory/etc. But for console gaming, I want a machine that is the same for everyone and thus takes out that decision making process when I buy a game. Now it appears Microsoft is attempting to bring this to the console market by making us choose between these two models and it becomes even more apparant that this is the path they are taking by talking about including HD-DVD later. Just more to think about I guess.

  • Yes, my overriding impression after reading all this news is that it’s good news for Sony and good news for the PS3. The $399 price point brings the Xbox 360 closer to the PS3’s pricing territory. (I don’t imagine the PS3 selling for more than $499.) So now the perception that the PS3 is the unaffordable console has been dashed.