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On June 13th I pulled all the console-related content from and created a new website, You’re reading it right now! has been up and running for more than two months now and has seen a slow but steady increase in readership. I’ve also given it a major redesign once and have been tweeking it ever since.

With so little PS3 news to report recently, I thought it was time to take stock.

So is there anything you would like to see? Is there anything you’d like to see done differently? I’m all ears, and want this site to be your place for PS3 news, discussion, and information. Whether that means new articles like the ones I post every weekday, or a page about the PS3 specs, or whatever. So please, reply to this post or use the contact page to send me suggestions. I’d love to hear from you.

  • Francois

    Hi Henning!
    Just to let you know that your web site works fine on my PSP web browser except for the top PS3Blog.Net logo that don’t show up. Everything else is there. I actually read today’s blog on it.

    The only thing I would suggest, is to have if possible something more obvious for the eyes to tell that someone has posted comments on your blog.

  • Jordan

    Hey, its not your fault that Sony is being so uptight about specs! I love your sharp prose and casual honesty… best PS3 blog out there, keep it up!

    I will say one thing, I think Sony is shooting themeselves in the foot by not releasing more info about their system. If they don’t get me excited soon I might just have to buy a 360. (who am I kidding, I know I am getting both… damn, I will have to start selling my body to fat chicks!)

    What I would LOVE is to hear independant developers talk about how their PS3 games are going… I guess NDA’s turns everyone into a silent wimp.

  • Thanks! Spread the word!

    I’ve already contacted one developer for an interview and have heard nothing back. I’ll try some more. I’ll also see about making comments more obvious. (How do I do that and still keep the theme consistent?)