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Next-Gen Development Costs not so Bad After All |

With all the talk about how next-gen development costs are going to skyrocket, it’s nice to see a developer actually give some numbers.

While discussing possible PS3 support by Tecmo, Tecmo president Junji Nakamura stated that Xbox 360 development will cost 20% more than for previous platforms. While 20% isn’t anything to sneeze at, especially since costs to produce a game are often multi-million dollar affairs, it’s still a number that’s a lot less than analysts have predicted.

Does this mean that prices will go up by 20%? Probably, yes. But if developers can increase the quality in the process, they’ll sell more copies, and therefore will not need to increase prices?

Wanna make any bets about the general quality of next-gen games versus current-gen?

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  • Francois

    It will be like the movie industrie where you have multi-million dollars movie with cool special effect that can a be flop and low budget movie that managed to be good.

    Do you think Katamari cost the same as GTA San Andreas? No but they are both tripple A title. So in my opinion the same will happen with next-gen, Only games that push the boundaries further will cost more.