Hiring at IGN: PS2/PS3 Editor

Running a PS3 site as I do, this posting over at IGN really caught my attention. IGN is hiring a PS2/PS3 editor for the PlayStation team. It looks like quite a nice job, doing all sorts of things like what I do on this site, really. Well, not really. The job is a lot more involved than maintaining this little corner of the PS3 universe. You have to do features, news, previews, reviews, and more. The part that killed it for me though is the 14-hour work day they mention. Fourteen hours! Frag! Who wants a fourteen-hour a day job, no matter how much they love it? I know I don’t. So good luck, future PS2/PS3 editor, whoever you are. You need it!

PS3 IGNNow Hiring: PS2 / PS3 Editor

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

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