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Sorry About That

Yesterday this site went whacky for several hours. I made a mistake with my config trying to figure out why AdSense sees my site differently when I use instead of My experiments really messed things up.

But, all is right as rain now, so please forgive the interuption.

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What to Do

On June 13th I pulled all the console-related content from and created a new website, You’re reading it right now! has been up and running for more than two months now and has seen a slow but steady increase in readership. I’ve also given it a major redesign once and have been tweeking it ever since.

With so little PS3 news to report recently, I thought it was time to take stock.

So is there anything you would like to see? Is there anything you’d like to see done differently? I’m all ears, and want this site to be your place for PS3 news, discussion, and information. Whether that means new articles like the ones I post every weekday, or a page about the PS3 specs, or whatever. So please, reply to this post or use the contact page to send me suggestions. I’d love to hear from you.


Gates’ Halo3 vs PS3 Idea Scotched

Gates has previously crowed that when the PS3 is released, consumers will “walk right into Halo 3”. Kind of implying that Halo 3 will take the steam out of the PS3 launch (like any one software title could do that).

Not so fast Billy-boy!

Now it looks like Halo 3 will be walking down the aisle with the Halo movie, and they’re both due in 2007. At least so says

JoBlo.comHalo ready for ’07

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Pre-Order Xbox 360 at EB Games

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we now know that EB Games is offering some Xbox 360 bundles for for preorder.

You can get the Core system bundle for $599.93. It includes the Core system, an extra wired controller, and a memory card for saving games. It also includes four games: PGR3, DOA4, Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Edition, and Kameo: Elements of Power.

The Ultimate bunlde for $699.92 includes the Xbox 360 Premium system, an extra wireless controller, a play & charge kit, and a rechargable battery pack. It also includes the same four games as above.

Fine print? You betcha! “Dates and prices have not been confirmed and are subject to change.”

EB GamesXbox 360 Bundles

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