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Monthly Archives: August 2005

You Won’t Pay Extra for PS3 Accessories

August 22, 2005 | | 6 Comments

The Next Generation video games magazine is predicting that console peripheral developers won’t be obliged to pay any licensing fees to Sony like Microsoft will be doing with the Xbox 360.

Sony’s stance has always been that game console peripheral … Read More

Europeans Touchy about Sony PS3

August 22, 2005 |

Ferrago is complaining about the lack of any PS3 appearance at the recent Leipzig video games fair. They bemoan the fact that everything was PSP with hardly a word about the PS3.

Get a life.

So Sony doesn’t mention the … Read More

Industry Reacts to Xbox 360 Pricing

August 19, 2005 | | One Comment

Personally, I think that bifurcating the market and making the HDD optional was a mistake on Microsoft’s part. Core game system buyers will have to get at least a memory card anyway to save games, bringing up the 360’s price … Read More

Amazon Sets PS3 Price at $299

August 18, 2005 | | One Comment

[Update: They’ve taken down the price.]

A strange thing happened over at the Amazon store. They found themselves a crystal ball, peered into it a bit, and came out with a numer. Two hundred ninety-nine. Two hundred ninety-nine dollars, that … Read More

The Getaway PS3 by SCE Studios London

August 18, 2005 |

The first game in this series, The Getaway, was a visual tour-de-force. It actually mapped a section of London in painstaking detail for you to explore as part of the game. The graphcis were amazing, and people ogled the screenshots … Read More

PS3Blog Now Supports Gravatars

August 17, 2005 |

PS3Blog now supports Gravatars next to your names, check it out. Gravatars are fun and free, so sign up and create one now!

Just go to, create an account, and upload a picture. You’ll have to wait some hours … Read More

Xbox 360, HDD, Wireless Controller: $399

August 17, 2005 | | 3 Comments

What would you say if I told you that the Xbox 360 would retail for $299 without a HDD, and with a wired controller? And what would you say if you’d have to shell out $399 clams to get a … Read More

PS3 Specs, Games, and Pictures

August 17, 2005 |

You may not have noticed, but I’ve created some special quick references for all of you. PS3 specifications, PS3 pictures, and PS3 games. You’ll find these references on every page for quick access. I’m going to use the games section … Read More