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Monthly Archives: August 2005

The Xbox 360 Story

August 17, 2005 |

If you’d like a little bit of Xbox 360 history, how it was made, and who was behind it, then today is your day. The Mercury News Interactive has just such a story. One of the most interesting bits I … Read More

Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Manufacturing Partners

August 17, 2005 |

Not that it really matters that much who makes the Xbox 360, as long as they make it well, Microsoft has announced their hardware partners. Celestica, Flextronics, and Wistron will manufacture your beloved Xbox 360 is mass quantities to fulfill … Read More

Xbox 360 without HD to be Available

August 16, 2005 | | One Comment

Microsoft’s Allard has confirmed that the Xbox 360 could be coming out in multiple versions during its lifetime. Mr. Gates has already said that the Xbox 360 may be released with an HD-DVD drive sometime in the future. (Though, as … Read More

Carmack on Next-Gen

August 16, 2005 |

Carmack has spoken out about the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. He is quite dubious about all this multi-core stuff that both Sony and Microsoft are touting for their respective consoles. He think that they will be … Read More

PS3 Smackdown

August 16, 2005 |

The developer behind Smackdown for the PS3 thinks that “the enhancement of artificial intelligence and physics will be the key areas in which he expects next-gen wrestling games to improve on their current-gen counterparts”.

Says Smackdown creative director Nick Wlodyka:

Read More

More on PS3 Pricing

August 15, 2005 | | 2 Comments

I got to thinking about pricing a little more. The other day, Marc Ninthly wrote an article basically saying that the PS3’s eventual high price won’t deter people from buying the PS3. This is for a couple reasons:

  1. Steep … Read More

Midway to have PS3 Launch Titles

August 15, 2005 |

A while ago Midway confirmed to at E3 that they’re preparing games for the PS3 launch. Midway CEO David Zucker told them “We’re certainly going to have games for the launch of the PS3.” The John Woo inspired 3D … Read More

Metal Gear Solid 4 by Kojima Productions

August 15, 2005 |

[Update: And don’t forget that MGS4 will be shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Hopefully we’ll get a rain of new details.]

The Metal Gear Solid series, one of the reasons to buy Sony game consoles, is coming to … Read More