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Analyst Predicts PS3 Lead

According to, analysts Piper Jaffray have predicted that the PS3 will be the leading next-gen platform by 2008 with a a market share of 45% – 50%. The 360 will trail with a 35% – 40% marketshare.

Hmm, didn’t I mention this once a long time ago? It sounds so familiar. But I searched and couldn’t find the article.

Anyway, take it with a grain of salt. Believing a soothsayer is almost as bad as believing a politician. – Analyst Predicts PS3 Lead, Next-Gen PSP

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PS3 Losing Support? Not!

At TGS this year 102 games were announced as being in development for the PS3. And yet there are rumours that the PS3 is losing support from developers. The rumours are based on a hard-to-decipher article on a Japanese website.

I think we have to keep our heads here, folks. Remember the PS2? It was extremely hard to develop for, but was by far the most successful console last round. Now the PS3 comes along, and Sony has put in a lot of effort to make it easy to develop for, and now supposedly people are abandoning the platform? Sounds like someone trying to make up some news to me.

Joystiq – Is the PlayStation 3 losing development support?

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Sony on PS3

PS3 playable at TGS? Didn’t happen. It was quite a disappointment, because Mr. Kutaragi had previously said that we would see such. Reason? Well, according to Japan’s Famitsu magazine:

Sony could have shown playable software, but it decided that since this was the first time the PS3 was going to be shown on Japanese soil, it would be best to show only video footage first. Pressed further by the magazine, Saeki states that SCE wanted general users to feel the same impact that industry members felt upon seeing the E3 trailer footage for the system, and thus opted for trailer footage only , even though Saeki admits that being able to play the games would have caused a greater buzz.

Uh, doesn’t really make sense to me.

Also, that PlayStation Conference in February? It now looks like Sony is planning a different approach to it. Something that will “surprise gamers”.

IGN – Sony Talks PS3

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God of War for PS3… Eventually

The smash hit God of War may be coming to the PS3 by way of a sequel. According to C&VG, Electronic Gaming Monthly says that there are two sequels planned for God of War. One for the PS2 and one for the PS3.

Being partial to a spot of mythological Greek fantasy butchery and hot combo-licious action, we have to say it’d be a more than welcome return for Kratos and his dual flashing blades. Still there’s no official announcement yet, so further details are understandably scant. Mind you it’d be a real surprise if God of War sequels weren’t planned or underway as it was one of the stand out titles on the PS2 this year. We’ll keep our Gorgon’s gaze tuned for further developments.

To be perfectly honest I haven’t tried God of War yet. I’m more of a multiplayer kind of guy. But there have been so many good reviews of this game I’m gonna try to rent it sometime.



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