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PhysX Does Better on PS3 |

[Update 9sep05: Ageia has withdrawn these comments]

The PhysX library by Ageia is one of the technologies that Sony has licensed for use by PS3 developers. Here’s an interesting note from the PhysX library developers:

Although the PhysX libraries accelerate a host of technologies, from physical object interactions to fluid-based particle effects like water and smoke, only the PlayStation 3 and a PhysX PC will have the horsepower to process all of the technology’s features, Ageia executives said. The Xbox 360 will not be able to process the fluid-based technology, because of the limitations of its architecture.

It looks like those SPE’s the Cell contains will come in really handy for all sorts of particle effects in PS3 games. Although I don’t think Xbox 360 gamers will miss out much if they just miss out on fluid-based technology. It’s implied that it’s just the fluid-based stuff that the Xbox 360 can’t handle, though I wonder if that’s the only thing.

ExtremeTech – BFG To Manufacture Ageia PhysX Cards

  • Jordan

    This is great news for Sony Cell fans! At least we know that developers can indeed program for the cell this early in the game. Now lets see if they can get a good AI engine.

    The only question is if any money (licensing fees) are part of this announcement. Although based on the similarities of the CELL and Ageia own chip makes me believe this is all true.

  • The PhysX library is part of the PS3’s SDK. It might be a demo version, like the Unreal engine, or not. I don’t know.