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Killzone Demo now in Realtime? |

[Update 13sep05: unfortunately, the developers have set the record straight about this: it is a hoax. Oh well.]

Easily the most impressive showing at this year’s E3 was the Killzone trailer for the PS3. Right after release there was a lot of debate about whether it was realtime or not. As it turns out, the game only ran on PS3 hardware at 5fps, so they sped it up for the demo.

Well, according to a post at Gamespot forums (yeah, I know – don’t say it), the developers now have the game running at 30 fps. Arjan Brussee, Development Director of Guerilla Games wrote:

Thank you for you email. I am glad to see that you are looking into the matter at hand rather than making false judgements. The video shown at E3 was not in real time. It was a CGI demo sped up from 5 FPS as you said. The development team did this because we could not make a demo of that calibur at 30-60 FPS on the hardware we had at the time. Now however, the team is working the game on PS3 alpha kits, and it is looking just as impressive as the demo, at 30 FPS. The game is still in the very early stages of development, and I expect that it will release with visuals that are just as impressive as those in the E3 demo. We are planning on showing in game footage before too long, and we can’t wait to see the public’s reaction to it.

30 FPS isn’t as good as 60 FPS, but it’s acceptable. And if this is accurate information, then this is really good news indeed. This could be the title to make the PS3 famous.

Gamespot Forums – My email to Guerilla

  • Francois

    So It was CGI …. the end result better be as good otherwise Sony will lose some credibility. Hype is good, but to a certain limit…

  • Rj

    Didn’t EA say the same thing about their next-gen Madden commercial? *looks at footage of next gen madden on xboxyde* not quite the same.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. At least they admitted its CGI, every sony rep who said “oh no, it’s real time” or some other sort of doubletalk should step up and explain themselves.