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Sony at TGS |

A reader asked about a press event from Sony.

Sony seems to be going for a low profile at TGS, with no playable demos at their booth. Their both does, however, have a video wall showing off trailers for PS3 games. Sony has also released a list of PS3 games in development (also here).

But as far as a press event, I’ve heard nothing about Sony. And looking around on the net for a schedule, I can’t find any mention of a Sony press event. They seem to be all about showing off PSP and PS2 games and PS3 trailers.

PS3 Portal – Pictures from Floor at TGS

  • Thanks for replying to my e-mail inquiring about sony’s presents at TGS. The fact that Sony is not planning on having a press conference event seems weird to me. I thought that Sony would come out stronger than they did at E3, because this is Sony’s last chance before the xbox 360 launch to convince people to wait for ps3. I expected to see more in-depth footage from the games that were shown at E3, and new footage from games that were not present at E3, along with, information on, maybe, some of the new online gaming service for ps3, an hdip concept ,or maybe even a new controller concept. Well…i am still planning to wait for the ps3 no matter how little new things a find from TGS. Thanks again for researching my question and replying.