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Particles, Physics, and AI, Oh My! |

Neil Young, general manager of EA Los Angeles, had some interesting things to say at the Tokyo Game Show.

First, EA is currently in developing a Medal of Honor game for the PS3. Even at this early stage of development, the game is already fill-rate bound, “leaving 4 SPUs of the PlayStation 3 ready to be used for code-powered effects such as physics, particles, AI, and so on.”

Second, ah, I’ll just quote:

He also advanced his theory that, while only 20% of the processing power would be used for processes other than rendering in the current generation, as much as 50% would be available for AI, physics, and other such tasks in the next generation. This would hopefully lead to a much more sophisticated experience that isn’t just better graphics running on a similar codebase

This seems to imply to me that raw horsepower has increased disproportionately to graphics horsepower. Also, it means a much more immersive experience. The graphics are going to be great, of course, but now the physics, AI, particles, etc, will be much better too.

Gamasutra – TGS: Electronic Arts Talks MoH PS3, Next-Gen Costs