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More than Two Displays on PS3? |

Mike just keeps the questions coming (great stuff!):

It has been suggested by Sony that one of the advantages of being able to use 2 televisions with the PS3 is that, when playing a game that allows for 2 people like, deathmatch, each player could have their own screen. With that said, do you think since the PS3 allows for 7 players that, more than 2 screen might be able to be linked together for 2+ player deathmatch, etc. And what connects on the PS3 allow for a dual television setup?

The PS3 has two HDMI outputs and a multi-out output. Sony has said that the two HDMI outputs could be used to drive two displays. They have given no indication at all of supporting any more than two screens. Even if the hardware was physically capable of this (given that there’s also the multi-out that you could use) it’s doubtfull that the RSX would support more than two framebuffers. Even when the PS3 was doing all the heavy lifting in the London demo, it had to write the final results to the framebuffer. And if the graphics card doesn’t support more than two, plus the associated video-out circuitry, then you won’t get more than two screens.

  • Thanks for answering all of my question Henning. It’s weird to me that i seem to be the only person asking questions on your site. With your engineering background, i believe that you are a great source for educationally guestemiting information on ps3 before the real meaty facts come out. I expect to continue to usher questions to you for at least another year(to keep you busy and on your toes!) LOL!!

    Thanks Again,

  • sammy

    2 hdmi outputs on the ps3? where? i see only one on mine