Sony Unified Behind Stringer

Sony solidarity in the ranks:

Sony Corp. President Ryoji Chubachi said Tuesday there was no division in the company’s management team, despite CEO Howard Stringer’s recent remarks indicating he met resistance in trying to cut more jobs than the 10,000 layoffs planned.

“There are no contradictions or conflict. I can say with confidence we stand together,”

He said that while not everyone will come up with the same solution to a problem, Sony’s team backed Stringer’s decisions. This kind of solidarity is good for Sony and good for us, the consumers.

Sony, in this time of minor trouble, doesn’t need dissension among their top decision makers. Sony employees worldwide will see a united front at the top, and this will only help to keep up morale in a time of 10,000 layoffs. – Sony President: Management Team Is United

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

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