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God of War for PS3… Eventually |

The smash hit God of War may be coming to the PS3 by way of a sequel. According to C&VG, Electronic Gaming Monthly says that there are two sequels planned for God of War. One for the PS2 and one for the PS3.

Being partial to a spot of mythological Greek fantasy butchery and hot combo-licious action, we have to say it’d be a more than welcome return for Kratos and his dual flashing blades. Still there’s no official announcement yet, so further details are understandably scant. Mind you it’d be a real surprise if God of War sequels weren’t planned or underway as it was one of the stand out titles on the PS2 this year. We’ll keep our Gorgon’s gaze tuned for further developments.

To be perfectly honest I haven’t tried God of War yet. I’m more of a multiplayer kind of guy. But there have been so many good reviews of this game I’m gonna try to rent it sometime.


  • iomegadrive

    Oh god, it’s one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. The combo system rocks as well as the combat system. It reminds me of old arcade style games where its a button masher, but GoW has an intricate combo system where it rewards you for actually doing combos well. And well, it’s just awesome. Save for the horrid platformer aspects at the end which made me want to tear my hair out, the game is great. The boss encounters are the best part and the only bad thing is that there aren’t more of them.

  • Makes me wish I had more time on my hands!