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Sony’s PS3 Development Tools

PS3Sony has made a range of announcements about development tools for the PS3. Sony is beginning its tools and middleware licensing programs on October 1st. SCEI will start offering technical and marketting support at that time as well.

The initial list of tools and middleware licensees for the PlayStation 3 (in alphabetical order) are Alias Systems, Autodesk, Avid Technology, CRI Middleware, Emergent Game Technologies (recently merged with Numerical Design), Epic Games, Firelight Technologies, Havok, Interactive Data Visualization, Metrowerks Games Team, Pixelux Entertainment, RAD Game Tools, SiliconStudio and Web Technology Corp.

Also today, SCEI officials announced that the company has completed its acquisition of SN Systems and will start providing evaluation versions and final ProDG tools to the development community from October, along with the PlayStation 3 SDK (software development kit).

Like I’ve stated before, Sony has learned from from the bad PS2 development tools, and for the PSP and PS3 they’ve really picked up the game. This is great news.

IGN – Sony Advances PS3 Development
Gamasutra – Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Tool Licensors

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Jim Merrick Interview

Jim Merrick is Nintendo’s head of European marketing. He’s recently been interviewed by C&VG, and he gave away some juicy morcels.

Nintendo had several objectives with their new controller – interesting new gameplay was just one of them. They also wanted something accessible, like a TV remote. The resemblance isn’t unintentional. The new controller can even be used to turn the new console on and off, just like a TV remote.

Mr. Merrick thinks the new controller has so many different ways of using it, you won’t miss the relatively fewer buttons. For example, to control an airplane you can bank left, right, dive, pull up, do a loop, and not press a single button. And he says that when combined with the analog stick on the nunchukk accessory, that you’ll never go back to using a traditional controller for first-person shooters.

The new console will continue to support existing GameCube controllers. That’s a backwards compatibility that Sony and Microsoft won’t be offering with their PS3 and 360. They’re also working on a classic-style controller with a hole wherein you slot the the free-hand controller. I saw a mockup of this somewhere on the net a while ago and thought it was a bunch of baloney, but evidently I was wrong.


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MotorStorm: Racing Redefined

bPlaystation3 has an article about MotorStorm. MotorStorm is a mayhem racing game that looks unbelievably cool.

Players simply choose their vehicle from a massive range – including dirt bikes, ATVs, sand rails, rally cars, monster trucks and everything in between – then hit the track in a no-holds-barred sprint to the finish line. Carving a line of destruction through the ever-changing wilderness, players must compete in a high octane-fuelled, horsepower spectacle where the only rule is to try and stay ahead of the competition.

I am really looking forward to this game. I hope the final experience is close to what the trailer shows, but who knows? I can’t wait to see some in-game footage.

bPlaystation3 – MotorStorm to Redefine Racing

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Sony Unified Behind Stringer

Sony solidarity in the ranks:

Sony Corp. President Ryoji Chubachi said Tuesday there was no division in the company’s management team, despite CEO Howard Stringer’s recent remarks indicating he met resistance in trying to cut more jobs than the 10,000 layoffs planned.

“There are no contradictions or conflict. I can say with confidence we stand together,”

He said that while not everyone will come up with the same solution to a problem, Sony’s team backed Stringer’s decisions. This kind of solidarity is good for Sony and good for us, the consumers.

Sony, in this time of minor trouble, doesn’t need dissension among their top decision makers. Sony employees worldwide will see a united front at the top, and this will only help to keep up morale in a time of 10,000 layoffs. – Sony President: Management Team Is United

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