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engadget disses PS3 (kinda) |

PS3Engadget has always been pretty Xbox 360 happy. (I refuse to use the term fanboys – I don’t like it.) And that’s fine. They can like the Xbox 360 all they want. But when the start to say things like the following, I get annoyed.

Yeah, so the PS3 will probably have the edge over the Xbox 360 in graphics and sheer computational power, but after actually playing some of these games it’s hard to imagine all but the most diehard Sony fanboys holding out for the 5 – 7 months that’ll pass before Sony introduces their console.

Why is that so hard to imagine? Do they think that Xbox 360 games will be so superior to PS3 games that Sony fans will fall over themselves switching sides? Why is that? Do Xbox 360 developers have a monopoly on cool game ideas? Does the Xbox 360 have such cool hardware that it makes its games de facto superior? Is an American product inherently better than a Japanese product? Or maybe Sony fans like us are so week-willed that all the hype Microsoft is forcing down our throats will actually get digested and enter our blood streams?

I don’t think so. I think I’ll just let the hype pass through, thank-you very little.

I’m not saying the PS3 will have better games than the Xbox 360, nor vice versa. What I am saying is that you can’t judge the games until you’ve played them. How many folks at Engadget have played a PS3 game? I think the answer might hover around zero.

Personally, while I think that releasing first gives Microsoft one kind of advantage, it gives Sony another. Sony can see everything Microsoft is doing right and wrong, and respond to it in time for the PS3 launch.

The proof is in the pudding, and I haven’t eaten either yet. Personally, I think they’ll both be good. Anyone else think the way I do?

engadget – Xbox 360 hands-on preview

  • Francois

    I am interested in 3 XBox 360 Games : Call of duty 2, King Kong and Oblivion.
    They are also coming out for PC with full HDTV support, so sure I can wait 7 months for the PS3…playing PC and PS2! Last time I waited for Sony console was for the Playstation 1, sega have had a surprise release in the summer 1995, 4-5 month before PS.

    I played Call of duty 2 demo on my PC using a 43 inch lcd and it was the best graphic/action I ever saw for a FPS. I am affraid that XBox graphic won’t be that much of a suprise for me compared the my PC (Athlon64 3200, ATI X700). I hope to be surprised however!!!

    That said, I don’t see myself playing this excellent FPS using a joypad. This is another reason for me to wait the ps3 because Sony console will support mouse and keyboard for FPS.

    PS2 has 5 years old and it still rocks! They have unique games not found on any other platform (GranTurismo, Katamari for example). I have only good reason to wait for the next playstation. Sony have vision about what entertainment should be, the ps3 is a tools to acheive that vision. MS is more technology driven, they have that new piece of hardware, they want to sell it now and they will do everything to make you forgot the XBox (not releasing any first party game for example).

  • Rjcc

    where exactly is the diss?

    they mention only the 5-7 months before the PS3 launches. thats (however many games the 360 has) vs. 0 games.

    You invented any inference on how cool ps3 games are or are not. The only question engadget raises is whether or not the 360’s games are compelling enough for gamers to want to purchase while still waiting to see what the ps3 can do.

    The writer of that article in no way judged the ps3 or its games, so put the soapbox away.

    BTW, you mention microsoft hype, as I said above, they clearly reference only the 5-7 months before the ps3 launches. If you consider gamers that are actually on shelves vs. a system no one will have played yet “hype” I can’t really help you.

  • 🙂

    Oh come on. When they see the Xbox 360 and say there’s no reason to buy a PS3 anymore, that’s a diss.

  • Rjcc

    Where did they say there is no reason to buy a PS3? You’re obviously reading something thats not in the article at all.

    All it says is there are reasons to buy a 360 instead of waiting for the PS3.

    Every point you made, was based on something not in the original post. It doesn’t say anywhere in there that there is no longer a reason to buy ps3, and it doesn’t even insinuate it.

    Hey, if you consider buying an EXISTING SYSTEM over a nonexistent system fanboyism, then you must be on drugs. I know this is ps3blog and all, but if you’re going to criticize someone elses opinion you should at least base it on something they actually said. I’ve lost a lot of respect for psblog on this post because normally you’re relatively impartial.

  • “but after actually playing some of these games it’s hard to imagine all but the most diehard Sony fanboys holding out for the 5 – 7 months that’ll pass before Sony introduces their console”

    What does that say? It says that all except for the most diehard Sony fanboys who were previously going to wait 5-7 months for a PS3 won’t be able to anymore. But now, upon seeing the Xbox 360 games, these Sony fans won’t be able to wait for the PS3 anymore. So they stop waiting for the PS3 and buy an Xbox 360. You can directly conclude all that from what was said.


    I am obviously thinking that there’s an implied “instead”. You are obviously thinking that there is not. When I read the above text, I read it as implying the Sony fanboys will switch their allegiance to the Xbox 360. They’ll buy an Xbox 360 instead of the PS3 they were waiting for. You read it thinking that they’ll buy both an Xbox 360 and a PS3. (Am I wrong?) And therein lies the rub. I don’t think that many people will buy both systems. So I am in the “instead” camp. You think (I’m guessing here) that they will. Just a difference of opinion, in my estimation.

  • Rjcc

    I can appreciate that. I see it as a question of, for most gamers, “is the xbox 360 doing enough that I think I need to have it right now” the ps3 doesn’t come into the picture until they show playable games, at least in my line of thinking, so it’s really the 360’s game *until the PS3 comes out from behind the curtain so to speak.

    IMO most people who are into games enough to be fanboys, really, own two systems. it’s just a matter of course. people who are only going to buy one system, are just going to look at what is out there. Microsoft has to take advantage of this lead time to convince people the 360 is the future. Sega did a decent job of that before the ps2 came out, it was really their lack of follow up titles that doomed the dreamcast. And Microsoft only had one good game for a long time w/ the Xbox.