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360 controller for Windows |

So Microsoft is coming out with a Xbox 360 controller that can be used with a PC. It plugs into a standard USB port using a 9 foot breakaway controller cable.

Does this mean I can use it on my PS3?

Sure the PS3 boomerang looks a little whacky, but it’s basically the same as the DualShock 2 controller now used with the PS2. Nothing added to increase play value. So why can’t I use something better? If the Xbox 360 controller uses a standard USB connection, then you could hook it up to the PS3. Someone just needs to write a driver for it and voila! The only problem is that developers won’t write games that actually use the cool features of this controller.

The best would be if Sony actually decided to improve their own controller and add new stuff like triggers.

Hmmm. Haven’t I said that before?

Eurogamer – 360 controller for Windows
Microsoft – Microsoft Announces Company’s First Cross-Platform Gaming Controller

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