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PS3 Under $400 in Japan? |

John thinks I’m going crazy. He could be right. I’m wandering through a vast desert endless drought infinite void exiguousness measure of info about the PS3 and coming up empty. My knuckles are getting sore from scraping barrel bottoms for information about the PS3. Lately all I’ve found in the cracks is rumours. Rumours to squash, abolish, or relish.

This one falls into the abolish category.

Some famously reliable source says the PS3 will go for below 40,000 Yen when released in Japan. That’s about $350 right now.


I just can’t bring myself to care. I mean really. Do you think this rumour has any basis in fact? You gotta know GOTTA KNOW that if this turns out to be true it’ll be pure happenstance. Today the Lotto 6/49 Jackpot is about $40 million (Cdn). The chances of winning are the same as flipping a coin and having it come up heads 24 times in a row. If someone wins the jackpot, we should all go and ask that dude what the PS3 price will be. After all, what are the chances that he’ll be right? – PS3 Under $400 in Japan?

  • jspiker

    most of your posts have been great, but the above “rumor” came from a source that’s never been wrong… So, therefore you may want to check it out a bit more. It seems as if it’s a fairly reliable rumor. You should have stated where the rumor came from

  • Yes, I read that. I even mentioned it by saying the source was “famously reliable”.

    Unfortunately, I can’t read Japanese, and Babelfished versions of a site are hardly better, so I can’t read the original. Does he quote a source? Is it a named source? My guess is no to both.

    So it’s still just a rumour. And given how far the PS3 is from launch, I find it hard to believe that Sony has a price set. This rumour conveniently chooses the most probable price given Sony’s past history of pricing consoles.